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Quality Representation For Landowners Facing Eminent Domain Litigation

If a governmental agency seeks to take your land for a public purpose, you need the skills of an experienced real estate, eminent domain, and condemnation litigation lawyer on your side — and you need them now.

At the Law Offices of Michael E. Gazette, in Tyler, Mr. Gazette’s 40 years of trial experience have made him highly familiar with the exercise of power to condemn and take all or part of private property.

In the courtroom, Michael E. Gazette effectively defends your interests against the objective of condemning authorities in order to give you the best chance of preserving the fair value of your property.

Mr. Gazette has effectively represented private landowners specifically in condemnation proceedings when government agencies at any level assert authority to establish a street or highway, water and sanitary sewer line, or drainage facility.

Michael E. Gazette can defend against small, single-parcel acquisitions as well as larger, multi-parcel projects. He has become involved at all stages of the acquisition process — pre-condemnation acquisition negotiations, pre-trial proceedings before commissioners appointed by the court to make an award, and actual litigation.

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Don’t give up the property you worked so hard to afford and maintain without preserving its value for you and your family. The Law Offices of Michael E. Gazette will fight right alongside you. Contact us today by phone at 903-405-2814 or by email to arrange an initial consultation.