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Are you a landowner with oil and gas interests in East Texas?

Allowing a skilled, experienced business law attorney to handle your oil and gas transaction can help avoid disputes and litigation later.

In Tyler, Longview and throughout the region, the lawyer who can protect your rights is Michael E. Gazette, of t he Law Offices of Michael E. Gazette.

You may have recently received an oil and gas lease form in the mail that does not adequately protect your rights as an owner. It could be that terms of a lease have not been abided by, or that the surface of your land has not been restored properly and timely. As a landowner, you have rights — specifically the right to seek legal action against any oil and gas company which fails to live up to its obligations to you.

If the opportunity arises for you to sign an oil and gas lease or to negotiate a surface use and damage agreement, the first person you should speak with is Michael E. Gazette. Our law firm effectively advocates in matters of enhancing the rights and protections of mineral owners and surface owners where mineral exploration and production are planned or are taking place.

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