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Preventing A Transaction Dispute Preserves Finances And Futures

A transaction of any kind that is not thoroughly executed can lead to a time-consuming, highly expensive, emotionally draining dispute between the parties — one that could wind up in court.

If you are an East Texas business owner who is wary of participating in a transaction that carries the risk of a dispute later, you can benefit from the skilled guidance of an experienced business law attorney.

How To Prevent A Transaction Dispute? Michael E. Gazette Will Tell You.

For 40 years, Michael E. Gazette in Tyler, has been exactly that kind of lawyer — anticipating and proactively addressing disputes of all kinds for corporate, real estate, construction, and oil and gas industry clients.

“Whatever the transaction, whatever the agreement, you must get it in writing. Too often, if it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen.” — Michael E. Gazette

During your initial consultation at our law firm, you will get all the facts and counsel you need for common sense, pre-emptive measures that avoid costly disputes, such as:

  • Securing of records
  • Ensuring that all representations and agreements are in writing, in order to be binding
  • Making sure that the legal effect of agreements being signed are understood

These and other sound strategies are just a fraction of the quality legal services delivered every day at the Law Offices of Michael E. Gazette. For an initial consultation, contact us by calling 903-405-2814 or sending an email message.