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Safeguarding Your Interests When A Will Is Contested

Heated disputes over interpretations and validity of wills have divided many a once-loving family following the passing of a loved one — especially when future ownership of significant assets and property is at stake.

Has this happened to you? Are you the beneficiary of an estate in dispute? Do you suspect that dubious last-minute changes to a will have violated your rights to your share of an estate?

The skilled, client-focused will contest lawyer who puts a 40-year track record of success on your side is Michael E. Gazette, founder of the Law Offices of Michael E. Gazette in Tyler.

During his decades of quality representation of probate and estate clients throughout East Texas, Mr. Gazette has contributed valuable advocacy, proven trial skills in court and attentive personal service to those who he represents.

When A Will Contest Goes To Court, Michael E. Gazette Goes To Work For You

A will contest can be triggered for a number of reasons. Legal action may be brought by a broad range of potential litigants. For example, a disgruntled relative left out of a will may allege undue influence by an ambitious caregiver, or a deceased family member’s incompetency when he or she was alive. A poorly written will could leave the decedent’s wishes open to interpretation. An inventory of assets to be distributed may be incomplete or left out entirely.

Regardless of the circumstances of your will contest, you have interests that must be safeguarded if a just conclusion is to be reached. Michael E. Gazette is a skilled negotiator of these disputes. If discussions are not productive, he will not hesitate to aggressively protect your rights in court.

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