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Representing Business Debtors And Creditors In Bankruptcy Court

Has your business suffered reversals that require consideration of bankruptcy reorganization? Or have you been notified that a customer who owes you money has filed a bankruptcy case?

For 40 years, attorney Michael E. Gazette has effectively represented business clients who need the protection of the bankruptcy laws as well as creditors who need protection of their rights in a bankruptcy case. Our Tyler litigation law firm’s founder takes charge of your case immediately, conducting a thorough review of the circumstances leading to your legal problems and effectively protecting your rights in court.

Experienced Chapter 7 And Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Litigation Services

Mr. Gazette represents businesses which may need to liquidate under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. He also represents businesses which may need some time to reorganize their financial affairs under Chapter 11 by formulating and presenting a plan of reorganization which allows for both the survival of the business and the payments of the creditors.

Mr. Gazette also defends the rights of both secured and unsecured creditors in bankruptcy cases in seeking the release of collateral for a loan, negotiating for the repayment terms for debts in a proposed plan of reorganization, defending objections to a creditor’s claim, and litigating various suits in the Bankruptcy Court for preferences, fraudulent transfers and challenges to liens.

For these and other bankruptcy services, Michael E. Gazette can provide you with experienced representation. Contact the Law Offices of Michael E. Gazette today by calling 903-405-2814 or reaching us by email message.