Decades Of Legal Experience On Your Side In East Texas

Are You Headed To Court To Resolve A Construction Dispute?

Skilled Tyler attorney Michael E. Gazette, founder of the Law Offices of Michael E. Gazette, has successfully handled construction litigation for clients throughout East Texas.

Mr. Gazette has amassed a 40-year reputation for positive results at trial, with prosecution and defense in matters related to construction defects, damage claims, failure to complete a construction project, and breach of contract.

Frustrated By Construction Defects, Project Delays And Unpaid Bills? Michael E. Gazette Should Be Your Lawyer In Court.

Our full-service litigation law firm has represented a broad range of construction clients, including contractors and subcontractors, property owners, and purchasers when suits are filed due to:

  • Construction defects — for plaintiffs and defendants responding to component defects, design flaws, roofing problems, foundation defects and soil subsidence.
  • Construction contracts — interpretation and enforcement of complex provisions of construction agreements.
  • Unpaid construction costs — advocacy for subcontractors and suppliers unpaid by the owner or the contractor as well as the protection of property owners whose contractors have failed to pay construction costs from available funds.

Michael E. Gazette brings personal service and customized representation tailored to clients’ specific needs. He routinely handles disputes involving multiple parties, outcomes requiring detailed documentation and complex indemnity relationships. Contact us today to discuss your legal issues in an initial consultation. Reach us by phone at 903-405-2814 or by email.